Why is Belgian the best chocolate in the world?

For many Japanese who are known for their fastidious and gourmet taste, some Belgian chocolate brands are their first choice.

Godiva is one of the three most tasty and expensive chocolate brands in Belgium. The chocolate of Godiva is different from the chocolate of other brands by its unique formula. Godiva is the first choice of Japanese people who are famous for being fastidious and gourmet when coming to Europe.

Why is Belgian the best chocolate in the world?

Belgians are the most successful in the world with chocolate in the same way that Germans produced the best cars in the world or Japanese made sushi better than any other country. The reason for this is a family recipe passed down from life to life.

Why is Belgian the best chocolate in the world?

Chocolate in Belgium is often crafted rather than mass-produced in large quantities in industrial ways and chocolate workers always seek creativity during production. Chocolate is produced from cocoa beans through a processing process that involves many stages.

Wrench bars, rough screws. But it is chocolate!

Cocoa beans are roasted and peeled and finely ground into flour, in this powder contains cocoa butter. Cocoa butter is extracted separately, the remaining is ground to make cocoa powder and cocoa butter. Chocolate making ingredients are cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and sugar.

The quality of cocoa beans, roasting techniques and proportion of cocoa butter contribute to the chocolate quality determination. In Belgium and Switzerland, the two countries produce the best chocolate in the world, the ratio of cocoa butter is about 35% to 50%.

Door hinges and wrenches made of chocolate

It is the Belgians who are at the forefront of the production of fresh chocolate, the chocolate is considered the pinnacle of world chocolate by the superior quality of pure cocoa, no preservatives to ensure the taste is fresh and sweet.

Each year, Belgium produces 660 thousand tons of chocolate, of which about 450,000 tons are exported.