Top 9 chocolate wine for celebration (part 1)

1. Remy Martin Chocolate

In the past few years, chocolate wine is being favored by many people and selected as a gift on special occasions such as Valentine, birthday gifts, and high-class gifts on holidays. Let’s check out 9 types of famous chocolate wine in the world.

The beginning of the chocolate wine collection is a chocolate symphony. Belcholat’s unique flavor of 100% chocolate butter imported from Belgium blends with the premium wine of Remy Martin Club – a complex flavored Cognac.

The secret behind the silky brown chocolate shell is the alcohol-class Remy Martin spicy like “drunk” who enjoy. The melting chocolate sensation blends in vanilla, rose and jasmine, then to the palate is apricot, almond, and nutmeg of Remy Martin. The taste lasts about 8 minutes to bring a little warmth, boldness, balance and smoothness. If you want to give your dream person on some crazy day that doesn’t need to be Valentine – a small gift, then these chocolate tablets will exactly be what you need.

2. London Dry Gin Chocolate

Discover the culture that combines the superior material Couverture Chocolate of the Kingdom of Belgium along with a wine position known as Britain’s “national soul” – London Dry Gin. Chocolate London Dry Gin wine is a blend of the sweet softness of black chocolate and a strong, quite and spicy flavor of this wine.

British Gin contains aromas of juniper, coriander, angelica, and some other herbs, adding to the mildly sour taste of lemon. A slight numbness felt on her lips and ended with a slight heat. London Dry Gin Chocolate will make people enjoy the passionate bitterness of black chocolate combined with Gin wine – a wine with high alcohol content and slightly lemon flavor. London Dry Gin Chocolate tablets are made by Belcholat’s skilled workers to create a modern, elegant but equally romantic appearance in the form of a black flower.