Top 9 chocolate wine for celebration (part 4)

7. Cognac Chocolate

Chocolate is the perfect combination of sweet taste and a bit of passion for the strong liquor produced in the of France. Discover the secret behind the soft, soft chocolate crust that is the taste of a completely fresh flow, giving up a rich aroma of vanilla & cherry, with a hint of cocoa. Cognac is not a wine but a strong alcohol, but it is the only brand of wine made from wine.

The essence of Cognac is a brandy, a strong alcohol, like whiskey, Bourbon or Vodka. But while most of the above-mentioned spirits are made of grain, only Brandy is made of grapes. Only Brandy in Cognac region, because it meets the favorable conditions of geology, climate and labor, it has a delicious taste that cannot be found anywhere else.

8. Rhum

Chocolate creates a special flavor by combining a transparent Rhum wine with a sweet taste like a warm, bile flavor of yeast which makes people feel refreshed. The flavor of Rhum blends with the black chocolate crust with a little bitterness and the natural aroma of cacao tingles with fans.

Gently taste a fresh chocolate flavored Rhum tablet, you can fully taste the complex sweetness and charm of the Belgian premium 58% black chocolate shell, when touching the clear liquid. throughout you will be surprised to realize what the true taste of a chocolate wine is like. Rosum is a distilled wine from sugar cane or sugar cane products (sugarcane syrup, molasses).

Store in oak barrels for a long time to add color to the taste and become more delicious. The combination of keeping Rhum wine and Dark Chocolate in Belgium truly creates a perfect gift for those who share the same interests of Chocolate and precious wines.

9. Brandy Chocolate

Brandy wines are made from the distillation of wine or fruits, herbs, cardamom (mostly from grapes and apples) crushed and then aged for a long time in wooden crates for at least two years to slightly oxidize alcohol, after that is to reduce the alcohol concentration by adding distilled water. Brandy alcohol after being reduced in alcohol content will be stored in oak barrels for a long time to add color to taste and taste so better.