Top 9 chocolate wine for celebration (part 3)

5. Havana Wine – Havana Club Rum

With a very strong Rum flavor and a pervasive blend of taste, the final flavor is left of Cocoa, Cafe and the pungent taste of Beech wood – Expressing a full and rare roundness. The combination of strong flavor and smooth black chocolate shell, fresh aroma of cocoa, the source of the material of Belgium has created a special gift for Chocoholics.

Chocolate wine blends with a strong and sweet Rum flavor, opening for a long, complex aftertaste that is the sweet and sweet charm of Dark Chocolate material 58% cool and smooth. The strong aroma evokes the smell of sugar and smells of smoke and honey, vanilla and nutmeg. Intense, passionate flavor with long aftertaste, bringing the most characteristic of Havana Club Rum rum. Blended with perennial Rum, selected to create a strong flavor combined with the flavor of Cafe, Cocoa and a gentle, fresh floral fragrance.

6. Chivas Chocolate

Chivas Chocolate is passionate, sweet and softly different. The bitter chocolate flavored with elegant flowers and some long, warm and memorable smells and aftertaste combined with the luxurious deep brown shell of the fine chocolate, it is extremely attractive to Belgium.

Chivas is a blend of barley whiskey and malt whiskey together, with a passionate, sweet taste of bitter chocolates that smell cool flowers and fruits. The perfect combination of the whiskey bottle named Scotch is the most luxurious in the world with Belcholat scrumptious chocolate, which further enhances the charming taste of people.

The best and best cereal grains and malt are selected and then they are incubated separately in oak barrels aged 18 years or more in a given time.

Still hesitate, come to Belcholat to be “drunk” in sweet.