Top 9 chocolate wine for celebration (part 2)

3. Johnnie Walker Chocolate

Johnnie Walker wine lurking behind a strong black chocolate shell. A little more subtle, you will feel a complex blend of the scent of this wine.

Johnnie Walker is a familiar name in the production and distribution of whiskey worldwide. The special combination of Belgium’s premium material Couverture Chocolate and the world’s best Scotch Whiskey has created a fresh chocolate tablet with wine that delighted fans.

Put a kiss on the fresh chocolate of Johnnie Walker, you will first feel a gentle and deep taste like the gentle wave embracing the tongue of authentic Belgian sweet chocolate brown, followed by the waves are more intense but still fragrant and pungent through the taste of alcohol. A little rough and bitter at first, but smooth and sweet.

Choose Johnnie Walker Chocolate to enjoy both the world’s best scrumptious and can sip the famous wine flavor and enjoy authentic Belgian Chocolate. Why not?

4. Single malt

Slowly enjoy the strong, aromatic scent of wood and the smell of smoke blends wildly of Single Malt wine with a bitter, smooth and charming touch of Dark Chocolate crust. Behind the initial feeling of dominance is the taste of dried, spiced fruits, sometimes faintly with a hint of vanilla. The subtle flavors and smooth aftertaste of Single Malt combine the sweetness of Chocolate to make you fall in love.

Single Malt Chocolate is a sweet combination of authentic Belgian Chocolate made from 100% pure cocoa butter with a single malt liquor – Single malt. A Whiskey distilled from malt seeds only in a single distillation plant to ensure the typical flavor of the land producing the famous wine.