Top 4 Most Expensive Chocolate In The World

Ministry of Le Chocolate ($ 1.5 million)

You can buy a decent house with all the interior decoration with this amount of money, but who would want to buy this Le Chocolate for $ 1.5 million? This is really a luxurious and royal chocolate that you may hardly have all your life. It is designed by Simon jewelers who want a variety of chocolate with Lake Forest Confections with real and expensive jewelry such as earrings, emeralds, bracelets, necklaces, rings and sapphire .

Top 4 Most Expensive Chocolate In The World

Frrrozen Haute Chocolate ($ 25,000)

This is not only one of the most expensive chocolates in the world but it is also the name of one of the desserts you can use for dinner. It has 18 carat gold bracelets and white diamonds placed around the neck. Mix with hot chocolate, contains 14 types of secret cocoa powder you can find in South America and Africa. At the top are soft candies in the sky and edible 24 carat gold.

Golden Speckled Egg ($ 11,107)

This type of chocolate is made from edible yellow leaves and amedei chocolate, covered with soft chocolate cream and premium chocolate. Besides, you can see that this is the only type of egg-shaped chocolate with 12 pieces of chocolate shaped eggs, 5 white flowers and 20 mini chocolate bars. It is present in a non-jewelry auction held in the Royal Courts of Justice in British London. Do you believe that about 6 people from America and one person in Japan have worked for 3 days to create this Golden Speckled Egg?

Swarovski-studded Chocolates ($ 10,000)

You won’t notice spending thousands of dollars is a waste if you have one of the most delicious chocolate in the world that the Harrod family has created and produced. The chocolate is sold from UK stores and is hand-made, wrapped perfectly in Indian silk, an expensive package for these 49 premium chocolates.