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How to buy dark chocolate (part 3)

5. Brands of Healthy Dark Chocolate Ghirardelli Intense Dark Over 85% Cacao Chocolate Bars (as well as a 92% in case you can find it!). The product has bars and small squares. More than 85% uses Soy Lecithin as one emulsifier. Godiva More than 70% Cacao Chocolate Bars. Before 2017, this bar was not processed

How to buy dark chocolate (part 2)

5. Brands of Healthy Dark Chocolate Pascha Fairtrade, organic, non-GMO dark chocolate. There is no soy lecithin. 55%-85% is the range. Endangered Species 88% Cacao and 72% Cacao bars. A 70% organic bar as well. Ethically traded cacao. One social enterprise with a fantastic theme focusing on endangered animals out there. Alter Eco Fair Trade

How to buy dark chocolate (part 1)

The dark chocolate used to be one rare treat. But today it is mainstream. It is one of the best snacks for healthy eaters. It tastes great, feels decadent, and has proven health benefits. According to one study, people tend to eat less junk food after consuming dark chocolate. It does not happen with milk


Chocolate with adequate cacao is considered healthy. Below, we have ranked some common chocolate types by how useful to the health they are. 1. Unsweetened Baking Chocolate: It is essentially lightly-processed cacao. In other words, it consists of many flavonoids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants.  2. Bittersweet Chocolate: Like baking chocolate, people almost always it in baked

Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 4)

7. It Can Improve Your Brain Function There is another good news for you to hear. It is that dark chocolate can also enhance the function of the brain. According to a research project from healthy volunteers, consuming high-flavanol cocoa for about five days helped better the flow of blood to the brain. What is

Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 3)

5. Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease The compounds in dark chocolate can be highly protective against LDL’s oxidation. In the long run, it should cause a lower amount of cholesterol to lodge in your arteries, leading to a lower risk of your heart disease. Several long-term observational research projects indeed show quite drastic improvement.

Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 2)

3. It Could Improve Blood Flow and Lower Your Blood Pressure The flavanols in bittersweet chocolate will stimulate the lining of arteries, the endothelium, to provide NO (nitric oxide). One of the functions of NO is to send signals to the arteries to relax. That lowers the resistance to blood flow, and reduces your blood

Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 1)

Dark chocolate is full of nutrients that can positively impact your health. People make it out of the cocoa tree’ seed and turn it into one of the antioxidants’ best sources on the planet. In this post, we are going to specify its health perks. 1. Abundance in nutrients If you purchase quality dark chocolate

How to classify chocolate? (Part 1)

Have you ever wondered “Why is chocolate a favorite food all over the world?” Chocolate has transcended the boundaries of a dish because it gives the user a great feeling, but no matter how many people favor chocolate for many beautiful words is not enough. With the origin of chocolate from Central America, or the

How should you eat chocolate? (Part 3)

Because it stimulates the central nervous system, chocolate is thought to treat depression. It should be noted, depression is a type of mental health disorder that people often think nothing is working and often seek medical treatment to lead to the unfortunate end of suicide. If depression is true, it is mandatory to use a