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Imhoff-Stollwerck: Amazing chocolate museum in Cologne, Germany

In addition to famous architectural works, ancient castles, magnificent palaces. Referring to Germany, there must also mention the museums. And even more indispensable to the Chocolate Museum Cologne, Germany’s sweetest museum. Located along the banks of the romantic Rhein River with a ship-shaped design. The prestigious Imhoff – Stollwerck chocolate museum of Cologne city is

Chocolate Heaven: Interesting Facts about Belgian Chocolate (part 2)

The recipe to create premium chocolate is the recipe for each family, which is passed down from generation to generation. That is also the secret business of the major chocolate brands in Belgium. The Belgians are also constantly looking for and creating chocolate balls with rich and novel flavors. From the popular chocolate that everyone

Chocolate Heaven: Interesting Facts about Belgian Chocolate (part 1)

Because of its great appeal, nowadays, chocolate has become popular in every country. Belgium would like to be called a chocolate paradise. So, what makes the world’s best Belgian chocolate brand? Not only is the food, it has become a typical culture and is the pride of Belgium. In Belgium, there are 16 chocolate museums

What is Chocolate Made of?

Chocolate is made from the seeds of cacao tree. Its scientific name is Theobroma cacao, in Greek meaning the drink of the gods. Products made from cocoa beans are known by different names in different regions of the world. For industrialists in North America, they classify cocoa products as follows: Cocoa powder is a dense

How to buy dark chocolate (part 7)

What Are Dark Chocolates Not Very Healthy? Brookside Dark Chocolate. This brand of Hershey is milk chocolate. Initially advertised as including fruit, but they have now changed the wording to sort of like fruit ‘flavors’.  Choceur. This brand is selective to Aldi stores. Anyway, the ‘dark’ is just 45% cocoa and is milk chocolate. Aldi

How to buy dark chocolate (part 6)

7. Boutique Chocolates Madecass (US – Madagascar) – The chocolate made at the source of cacao (in Madagascar). Includes 92% and 80% bar. Butler’s (Ireland) – with a 70% bar. Nice! Pana (Australia) – Choices of raw organic bars, inclusive of ‘Eighty’ – Cacao (at least 80%; cacao powder, cacao butter), dark agave nectar. What

How to buy dark chocolate (part 5)

7. Boutique Chocolates Whittaker’s (New Zealand) – One massive variety of flavors – up to 72% Dark Ghana as a popular selection. Camino (Canada) – A great choice is the ‘Intensely Dark’ 88%. Valore (Spain) – Include a 70% bar with extra high almond content (up to 25%). Ombar (UK) – The raw chocolatier with

How to buy dark chocolate (part 4)

Giddy Yoyo From Canada. Raw, USDA organic. One large series of dark chocolate bars as many as 100%. Scharffen Berger American chocolate company (owned by one subsidiary of Hershey). Choices of chocolate squares as well as bars (from 62% to over 80% cacao), Righteously Raw It is fair trade, organic, raw, dark chocolate (up to

How to buy dark chocolate (part 3)

5. Brands of Healthy Dark Chocolate Ghirardelli Intense Dark Over 85% Cacao Chocolate Bars (as well as a 92% in case you can find it!). The product has bars and small squares. More than 85% uses Soy Lecithin as one emulsifier. Godiva More than 70% Cacao Chocolate Bars. Before 2017, this bar was not processed