Potential Benefits Of Black Chocolate

It has been scientifically proven that black chocolate brings you many good benefits, from improving cardiovascular health to cheering up the mood.

The benefits that black chocolate brings:

Reducing the risk of heart disease and heart stroke

Flavanol is an antioxidant in black chocolate that helps smoothen blood vessels and decrease blood pressure to a reasonable level. Therefore, lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Potential Benefits Of Black Chocolate

Reducing the risk of colorectal cancer

This type of cancer has the third highest risk of death among types of cancer. Polyphenols in black chocolate prevent stomach ulcers and colorectal cancer.

However, it should be noted that milk chocolate is not a good source of polyphenols. This type of chocolate has low polyphenol content and high sugar level, which may promote cancer growth if overusing.

Improve brain function:

Research by the University of Nottingham, England used MRI analysis to determine the activity of the human brain after drinking cocoa. Flavanol in cocoa improves blood flow to key areas of the brain in 2-3 hours. In particular, it can enhance brain function to help combat insomnia, exhaustion and the effects of age.

Remove the problems of premenstrual symptoms:

Using black chocolate helps reduce signs of abdominal pain, fatigue, irritability of premenstrual symptoms.

Control appetite:

Black chocolate contains caffeine, which can efficiently control appetite and promote body metabolism. Research shows that compared to milk chocolate, black chocolate is more effective in reducing the appetite for sweet foods and fatty foods.

In conclusions

Basically, chocolate is made from cocoa beans containing flavanol – an antioxidant. The more black the chocolate is, the more cocoa it contains and therefore, the less milk and sugar it has. It is recommended that you should eat about 7.5 grams of chocolate (equivalent to 1 small square piece) every day to enhance health.