Why is Belgian the best chocolate in the world?

For many Japanese who are known for their fastidious and gourmet taste, some Belgian chocolate brands are their first choice. Godiva is one of the three most tasty and expensive chocolate brands in Belgium. The chocolate of Godiva is different from the chocolate of other brands by its unique formula. Godiva is the first choice

Chocolate Knowledge: 3 popular types of chocolate

Do you know how many types of chocolate are divided into? And how to identify these? Below I would like to share some useful information to help you easily classify chocolate types. Chocolate is divided into many types, each with different ingredients and flavor 1. Chocolate Truffle (fresh chocolate) Speaking of fresh chocolate, the discerning

Interesting things about chocolate

Chocolate is not only a favorite dish of many people but also a symbol of love. If you are a fan of this candy, the following interesting facts about chocolate will make you more excited. Chocolate works against stress and fatigue When stressed, nothing is better than eating lots of magnesium-containing foods. Chocolate is a

The New Taste Of Chocolate

Reading about chocolate is ALMOST as satisfying as tasting chocolate itself This morning I am re-reading one of my favorite books ever: “The New Taste Of Chocolate” by Maricel Presilla. From history to biology, this book is a must-have to kickstart your knowledge on everything cacao. But even when you finish it, I suggest you

Three best chocolate brands in the world

The follows are three best brands in the chocolate industry. This is a poll published in National Geographic magazine. 1. Teuscher (Zurich, Switzerland) Chocolate Teuscher dates back more than 70 years ago in a small town in the Swiss Alps. Doft Teuscher traveled around to find the best cocoa, macaroons, fruits, nuts and other ingredients

Guide to choose the suitable chocolate

Chocolate is an exceedingly light snack familiar to millions of people around the world. You can easily buy chocolate in supermarkets or groceries near your home. Therefore, chocolate has become the most favorite flavor in the world. Chocolate can be a daily dessert, which can be a meaningful gift for someone you love on important

4 countries produce the most chocolate

USA USA is one of the leading high-quality chocolate producers, with USA chocolate producers bringing more than $ 20 billion annually into retail. The biggest chocolate company is in North America. Hershey Foods Group is one of the most famous chocolate brands in the world. The company is based in Hershey, Pennsylvania. It was founded

7 beauty benefits of chocolate

People often eat less chocolate because they think they contain high amounts of sugar and calories. Chocolate is a very beneficial dish for your skin, hair, and health. Against aging Chocolate contains two ingredients: caffeine and antioxidants. These substances have good anti-aging properties. Caffeine stimulates circulation and improves blood circulation. It also enhances skin cells

Hershey Milk Chocolate

The product comes from the popular chocolate brand of flag-flowers, Canada. Hershey Milk Chocolate bars impress customers thanks to its delicious, attractive appearance and its exquisite, extremely explosive flavor. Feel the sweet blend of light cocoa butter and the greasy taste of fresh milk powder and fragrant vanilla flavor in every chocolate bar! The secret

Potential Benefits Of Black Chocolate

It has been scientifically proven that black chocolate brings you many good benefits, from improving cardiovascular health to cheering up the mood. The benefits that black chocolate brings: Reducing the risk of heart disease and heart stroke Flavanol is an antioxidant in black chocolate that helps smoothen blood vessels and decrease blood pressure to a