Interesting things about chocolate

Chocolate is not only a favorite dish of many people but also a symbol of love. If you are a fan of this candy, the following interesting facts about chocolate will make you more excited.

Chocolate works against stress and fatigue

When stressed, nothing is better than eating lots of magnesium-containing foods. Chocolate is a high-magnesium food. When you are overworked or feel anxious, use a chocolate tablet and all tiredness will quickly disappear.

With just one chocolate, you have enough energy to walk up to 46m

Interesting things about chocolate

Nutritional content in this type of food is quite high: a package of chocolate usually reaches about 240 calories, a black chocolate bar contains about 220 calories. There are suggestions that eating chocolate will cause overweight or obesity has been rejected by experts. The effect of chocolate on weight is completely neutral.

Valentine’s Day is not a time when chocolate is consumed the most.

Only in the United States, in Valentine’s Day, the quantity of chocolate candy sold is more than 21,000 tons. However, in Easter, this amount is up to 29,000 tons. But the most sold chocolate is on Halloween, with more than 40,000 tons of chocolate being sold.

The inventor of chocolate nut biscuits can buy chocolate for life

In 1930, the owner of a hotel located in Massachusetts, USA, often made chocolate flavored cookies for guests. She found that the remaining chocolate was not enough, so she took the small pieces of chocolate scattering to the surface of the biscuits and hoped the pieces would melt, and the cakes still had chocolate.

The guests enjoyed them. Later, the inventor sold the secret to Nestle, in return Nestle decided to give her chocolate for free all her life.