Imhoff-Stollwerck: Amazing chocolate museum in Cologne, Germany

In addition to famous architectural works, ancient castles, magnificent palaces. Referring to Germany, there must also mention the museums. And even more indispensable to the Chocolate Museum Cologne, Germany’s sweetest museum.

Located along the banks of the romantic Rhein River with a ship-shaped design. The prestigious Imhoff – Stollwerck chocolate museum of Cologne city is built with impressive metal and glass. This is the place to produce and display the most diverse and beautiful chocolate products in the country. The entrance fee for this museum is from 4 to 17.5 euros.

Architect Fritz Eller from Dusseldorf is the father of this project. In particular, this works with a usable surface area of ​​more than 6,000 square meters has an extremely short construction time. It only took 13 months (starting from October 1992).

On the Schokoladenmuseum website, architect Eller is open to her ideas. According to him, the museum is made of clear glass to show unlimited expansion. Just like chocolate can be transformed into myriad shapes and transported in so many ways. They are not only confined to the shape of small dark brown bars as people often imagine. The museum is not only a place for simple display but also an open space for people to interact. The implication is that this place will carry all the stories of history and culture related to chocolate. As well as the whole process of relating people to this special food.

Stepping inside, visitors are even more excited to join the journey through the 3,000-year history of chocolate. Here you will learn about the history of the development of chocolate in Europe.

There’s even a mini chocolate factory in the museum and detailed steps. Because it is for display, this tiny factory only produces about 400kg of chocolate every day. The symbol of the museum is the chocolate nozzle up to 3m high. Right next to it is a stall displaying many museum-made sponge cookies. Watching the nozzle inhale the sweet chocolate aroma while watching the romantic Rhine River will be a wonderful experience.