How to buy dark chocolate (part 6)

7. Boutique Chocolates

  • Madecass (US – Madagascar) – The chocolate made at the source of cacao (in Madagascar). Includes 92% and 80% bar.
  • Butler’s (Ireland) – with a 70% bar. Nice!
  • Pana (Australia) – Choices of raw organic bars, inclusive of ‘Eighty’ – Cacao (at least 80%; cacao powder, cacao butter), dark agave nectar.

What Are Dark Chocolates Not Very Healthy?

  • CocoaVia Supplement Packs

They are similar to Crystal Light, yet they have flavanols (the essential chocolate antioxidant) added in. While you will get certain health perks from this, it is more crucial to eat the whole food which contains the fiber.

  • Dove Dark Chocolate

It has low cacao content. Every included processed with alkali.

  • Hershey’s Special Dark

It is processed with alkali. Not low in sugar. 

  • Dark Chocolate M&M’s

Here, the ingredients list is not clear (they list “chocolate” as one ingredient). Yet, these are considerably high in sugar (more similar to candy than the healthy dark chocolate).

  • Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Kisses

In spite of claims on the package regarding flavanols, it is a bar of milk chocolate.

  • Milky Way Midnight

Similar to every candy brand, it is not dark chocolate. It includes more sugar than cacao as well as being processed with alkali.

  • Nestle Dark Hot Chocolate

The beverage mix is the lot’s worst. Trans-fat, sugar, and processed with alkali.

  • Kit Kat Dark

We are not sure about the way they could call this dark. Plenty of palm kernel oil and sugar.

  • Cadbury Bournville

Here, 60g of sugar each small bar.

  • Cadbury Royal Dark

Its ingredients: Milk Fat; Semi-Sweet Chocolate (Cocoa Butter; Sugar; Chocolate; Soy Lecithin; Natural and Artificial Flavor, Milk). Milk chocolate, indeed.

  • Cadbury Old Gold

Ouch! Though it says dark chocolate on its label, it is indeed the dairy milk – with the genuinely high sugar content.