How to buy dark chocolate (part 3)

5. Brands of Healthy Dark Chocolate

Over 85% Cacao Chocolate Bars (as well as a 92% in case you can find it!). The product has bars and small squares. More than 85% uses Soy Lecithin as one emulsifier.

  • Godiva

More than 70% Cacao Chocolate Bars. Before 2017, this bar was not processed with alkali, yet today it appears like it is as per the current ingredients. Leverages Soy Lecithin as one emulsifier.

  • Pacari Organic Chocolate

It is USDA organic raw chocolate.

Extensive selection including 85%, 100%, and 70%. There is one ‘101%’ as well (100% plus some additional cocoa nibs).

Many contain sunflower lecithin, exclusive of the 100%. They make use of coconut sugar for sweetening the less than 100% bars of cacao.

They are 70%-85% Cacao bars.

The chocolate from France is distributed in America, yet it can be hard to find. It comes in a range of bars as many as 85% – leverages Soy Lecithin as one emulsifier.

  • Amano

It offers a wide array of single-origin bars of chocolate as many as 70% dark chocolate. Great!

85% Cacao and 70% Cacao Chocolate Bars.

This German-made product made for the Aldi stores. Over 80% is processed with alkali. Uses Soy Lecithin emulsifier. Enjoy!

  • Loving Earth

It comes in a 72% bar.

There are only two ingredients (coconut sugar and raw cacao), yet being less than 80%, the product does have much sugar content.

It is processed without alkali, organic, no Soy Lecithin.

  • Vivani

It is a German chocolatier sourcing ingredients from Ceres (totally organic).

92% and 85% bars are available in USA and Canada.

It is processed without alkali, organic, no Soy Lecithin.

  • Ritter Sport

It is based in Germany. Consider appreciating the Fine Extra Dark (i.e., 73% cocoa).

Rely on butterfat to make it creamier (instead of Lecithin).