How to buy dark chocolate (part 1)

The dark chocolate used to be one rare treat. But today it is mainstream. It is one of the best snacks for healthy eaters.

It tastes great, feels decadent, and has proven health benefits. According to one study, people tend to eat less junk food after consuming dark chocolate. It does not happen with milk chocolate. In another study, food intake after dark chocolate consumption is significantly lower compared to when eating white or milk chocolate. Even higher exercise capacity results when you eat dark chocolate!

There is something about it that will make you enjoy a piece or two with care. 

1. Traits of one healthy chocolate 

Below, we have specified some characteristics of one healthy chocolate of this type. When you select it, there are some qualities to look for.

– High cacao content

– Few additives 

– Low sugar content

– No preservatives

– No added flavor

– Not processed with alkali or “Dutched” 

– Low processed temperature.

2. The Flavanols

Learn about points to flavanols. They are one polyphenol type in cocoa which helps lower your blood pressure and enhance vascular function, better cognitive function, and even gives UV protection for your complexion. And dark chocolate tends to have a higher flavanols proportion as opposed to milk chocolate.

By a higher cacao percentage, we mean a higher flavanols amount.

3. Lookout for Dutching

In case you do not know, the method employed to process the raw bean of cacao can impact the flavanols amount in the end product.

When the nutrition label of your chocolate says “processed with alkali”, it means that it has fewer flavanols. The Dutched process is also known as this procedure.

4. Marketing labels

A lot of chocolates are tagged with every kind of marketing words. Hand-crafted, Artisan, fine chocolate, gluten-free – they are only opinions without being tested. Be aware of them!