How should you eat chocolate? (Part 3)

Because it stimulates the central nervous system, chocolate is thought to treat depression. It should be noted, depression is a type of mental health disorder that people often think nothing is working and often seek medical treatment to lead to the unfortunate end of suicide.

If depression is true, it is mandatory to use a drug called antidepressant, but there is no scientific research to prove that theobromin in chocolate has an antidepressant effect. There are no scientific studies showing that chocolate can cure cancer.

However, chocolate contains natural antioxidants called polyphenols such as epicatechol, anthocyan, leucoanthocyan and now many natural antioxidants have been hypothesized to prevent some cancers. letter. From the hypothesis to the path of authentication is very far away. This means that the effectiveness of using natural antioxidant compounds to prevent cancer is still ahead, saying that chocolate contains very few of these compounds.

The above presentation shows that chocolate is just a type of t Food has nutritional value. This “divine food” should not be attributed as medicine and used to treat illness. Consume chocolate with wisdom, avoid using it in situations that can cause adverse effects.

Chocolate abuse can be addictive and poisonous

In general, the amount of theobromine contains little in chocolate, so there is practically no human use of it to theobromine poisoning. However, for the elderly, if using too long chocolate and using a lot, it is very likely to be chronic poisoning. This needs to be alerted by scientists who have reported that a dog eating about 900g of chocolate had seizures, seizures and cardiovascular death. For small dogs, only 50g can cause symptoms of theobromin poisoning such as: slow heart rate, excessive irritation, dehydration.

It should be noted that, due to the effect on the central nervous system, both caffeine and theobromine in chocolate can cause psychological dependence. Instant drinking tea, coffee or eating chocolate for a long time will be used and addicted, if not used, it will be uncomfortable, tired, lazy to work. However, chocolate addiction is mild, giving up chocolate is easier than quitting tobacco and narcotics.