How Miami’s Chocolate Master Creates the Perfect Chocolate Bar

Carolina Quijano, who at the time was once working as a advisor on Wall Street, stopped to have a candy beverage while journeying the City of Light. “I couldn’t end thinking about how simple it was, and I simply desired to deliver to the U.S.

Now, Quijano takes thru the weeks-long system she and her personnel embark on to make chocolate. She explains how every farm, region, and United States produces special types of cocoa beans that showcase different flavors—from fruity to nutty to earthy and beyond. After receiving bags of cocoa beans at once from Peru, Ecuador, and Guatemala, Quijano shows us how she uses her information to kind via and handpick the excellent beans, which are then roasted. After that, a desktop separates the husk from the nib, which is the place the genuine chocolate comes from. The paste goes into a refiner — a basin-like desktop that smooths and aerates the chocolate — to turn it into a liquid. Sugar and from time to time milk powder (depending on if it’s milk or dark chocolate) are added at this stage, and then it’s set to solidify. To get the right crystallization, the stable chocolate is melted again, tempered, cooled, and smoothed to reap the right texture. “This is extremely important,” notes Quijano. “You can make the first-class tasting chocolate in the world, however based on the texture, it will not be as true as when you have a suitable temper.”

Quijano emphasizes how she does everything in her electricity to maintain the integrity of the bean and of the natural chocolate flavors. “Making a product like this that’s so labor intensive by hand, it helps us manipulate the system greater from begin to finish,” she says. “When we roast and we analyze, we have extra of a care for what we’re doing as adverse to simply the whole thing being fed through a machine. It’s a very long process, and behind every bar there’s a farmer and a story and we without a doubt favor to make certain we honor that.”

The farmers she mentions, and the sourcing of the beans, is an essential part of what makes Exquisito Chocolates unique. Quijano usually supports the producers and farmers of beans directly, as many of the farmers live much less than a dollar day. “For us it’s virtually necessary to support these producers who are investing time and cash to do something better. They should be compensated for what they’re doing. We’re now not speakme about ‘fair trade,’ we’re going above that which is direct trade and being in a position to pay them greater than that basic commodity price.”