Guide to choose the suitable chocolate

Chocolate is an exceedingly light snack familiar to millions of people around the world. You can easily buy chocolate in supermarkets or groceries near your home. Therefore, chocolate has become the most favorite flavor in the world. Chocolate can be a daily dessert, which can be a meaningful gift for someone you love on important occasions.

How to Choose Chocolate

When choosing chocolate, let’s choose based on cocoa, fat and oil content. If you like bitterness, choose chocolate with 70% or more cocoa content.

Each person has a different taste of chocolate, so the first thing to notice when choosing chocolate is the amount of cocoa and fat used.

Cocoa Content, Fat, Oil Decision Flavor

The taste of chocolate depends on the type and amount of cocoa; Fat and oil are used. The cocoa production area is the first factor to determine the flavor of chocolate bars. There are many famous cocoa material areas from abroad such as West Africa, Belgium or Mexico. However, when mixed with other materials such as sugar and milk, the flavor will change but cocoa is still the leading factor in creating the difference of chocolate between countries around the world.

Guide to choose the suitable chocolate

Another note you need to know is cocoa beans and cocoa powder – raw materials for production. Cocoa beans are more nutritious than flour, even without losing nutrients when roasted. Meanwhile, cocoa powder is roasted cocoa beans, ground into powder, so it is different from the raw state completely like the original cocoa beans.

After paying attention to cocoa production materials, the next thing to note is the cocoa content on the product label. Depending on the type of product, cocoa content is specified differently. For example, chocolate bars may have 30% or 40% cocoa, while chocolate products such as chocolate or chocolate candies are 30% lower in cocoa.