Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 4)

7. It Can Improve Your Brain Function

There is another good news for you to hear. It is that dark chocolate can also enhance the function of the brain.

According to a research project from healthy volunteers, consuming high-flavanol cocoa for about five days helped better the flow of blood to the brain.

What is more? Cocoa may significantly enhance cognitive function in those who are elderly and go through mental impairment. It can better verbal fluency as well as a couple of risk factors for disease.

Not all, cocoa includes stimulant substances such as caffeine and theobromine. They should be the primary reason why it is likely to improve your brain function in the short term.

In the bottom line:

Dark chocolate or cocoa may improve your brain function by raising your blood flow. It also has stimulants – for example, caffeine.


There is substantial evidence that cocoa is likely to provide powerful health benefits. It is especially protective of your heart disease.

For sure, it doesn’t mean that you should eat lots of chocolate daily. It still has many calories.

Perhaps have one or two squares after dinner. Why do not you try and savor them? If you desire to enjoy the benefits of it without taking into many calories, think about making hot cocoa. Do not add any sugar or so.

Plus, be aware that plenty of chocolate in the current market is not suitable for your health — select quality stuff with at least 70% cocoa content. 

As you know, dark chocolates tend to contain some sugar. That said, the amounts are often small. The darker the chocolate is, the less sugar this product will have.

After all, chocolate is among the few foods which taste fantastic and deliver significant health benefits at the same time.