Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 3)

5. Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease

The compounds in dark chocolate can be highly protective against LDL’s oxidation.

In the long run, it should cause a lower amount of cholesterol to lodge in your arteries, leading to a lower risk of your heart disease.

Several long-term observational research projects indeed show quite drastic improvement.

In research of over 450 older men, cocoa was found to decrease the death risk from heart disease by 50% throughout 15 years.

Another research revealed that eating chocolate at least two times per week cut down on the risk of getting a calcified plaque in your arteries by over 30%. Taking chocolate less frequently would not affect.

Another study showed that taking dark chocolate over five times per week reduced the risk of heart disease by over 50%.

Of course, these studies are observational, so they cannot prove that the chocolate reduced the risk.

Still, as the biological procedure is known (oxidized LDL and lower blood pressure), plausibly eating dark chocolate regularly may decrease the risk of your heart disease.

The bottom line

According to observational studies, there is a drastic decrease in heart disease risk from those consuming the most chocolate.

6. Protect Skin From the Sun

The dark chocolate’s bioactive compounds may be significant for your complexion.

The flavonols can probably protect against the damage of the sun, improve blood flow to your skin, and increase your skin density and hydration.

MED (The minimal erythemal dose) is UVB rays’ minimum amount required for causing redness in your skin 24 hours following exposure.

In one study, the dose more than doubled after eating dark chocolate rich in flavanols for over ten weeks.

The bottom line

As per studies, the cocoa’s flavanols can enhance blood flow to your skin and protect against sun damage.