Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 1)

Dark chocolate is full of nutrients that can positively impact your health. People make it out of the cocoa tree’ seed and turn it into one of the antioxidants’ best sources on the planet. In this post, we are going to specify its health perks.

1. Abundance in nutrients

If you purchase quality dark chocolate whose cocoa content is high, it is indeed quite nutritious. It includes soluble fiber’s decent quantities and is full of minerals.

Dark chocolate (100 grams) with about 70% cocoa consists of 11 fiber grams, over 65% of the iron RDI, 58% of the magnesium RDI, 89% of the copper RDI, 98% of manganese. Not all, it has a lot of phosphorus, potassium, selenium, and zinc.

Dark chocolate and cocoa’s fatty acid profile is also excellent. Most of their fats are saturated and monounsaturated, with a small amount of polyunsaturated fat.

Further, there are stimulants, such as theobromine and caffeine. They will not keep you awake throughout the night because their amount is small compared to coffee.

2. Antioxidants’ powerful source 

ORAC is another word of oxygen radical absorbance capacity. This measure is for the food’s antioxidant activity. Researchers set free radicals against a food sample and see how its antioxidants are likely to “disarm” the radicals. On the one hand, they question the ORAC’s biological relevance since it is measured in the test tube and probably does not have a similar effect in the body. On the other hand, cocoa beans that are raw, unprocessed are one of the highest-scoring foods which have been tested.

There are many organic compounds in dark chocolate. They are biologically active and work as antioxidants — for example, catechins and polyphenols.

According to studies, cocoa and dark chocolate come in more polyphenols, flavanols, and antioxidant activity than other tested fruits.