Chocolate with adequate cacao is considered healthy. Below, we have ranked some common chocolate types by how useful to the health they are.

1. Unsweetened Baking Chocolate: It is essentially lightly-processed cacao. In other words, it consists of many flavonoids, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. 

2. Bittersweet Chocolate: Like baking chocolate, people almost always it in baked goods as it sports high quantities of cacao (and thus, is quite bitter as you consume it alone). It has a small sugar amount. Yet, it is otherwise like unsweetened baking chocolate. You can use semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate interchangeably in baking, based on your sugary taste.

3. Semi-Sweet Chocolate: It is sweeter. It is a more sugar-filled version of the bar of bittersweet chocolate. Plus, it sometimes has milk solids. In case you do not know, milk solids are the dry powder that is left over as water is eliminated from liquid milk. Also, they have the possible animal protein (tumor-promoter casein).

4. Dark Chocolate: Note that various brands of dark chocolate many contain different quantities of cacao that is the decider of how good for your health any chocolate type is. Yet, generally speaking, dark chocolate has more cocoa compared to the following chocolate types.

5. Couverture Chocolate: It consists of additional fat from cacao butter. Yet, cacao butter includes a more healthy fatty-acid profile as opposed to milk. Consuming them together in one couverture chocolate piece will have little impact on the heart.

6. Milk Chocolate: It contaín less cacao compared to the chocolates that you have addressed above. It also has many more milk solids and sugar.

7. White Chocolate: It is the least good for health as it has zero cocoa solids. It is nothing but sugar and cocoa butter.

In general, the darker it is, the better it is.