Chocolate-themed hotels: Perfect places to enjoy your romantic vacation

Time to check-in chocolate-themed hotels and satisfy your sweet cravings!

Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel and Spa in Merida, Mexico

The Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel has a candy pink color and is just as sweet. To enter the hotel, you will have to pass through the chocolate shop and can choose to sample chocolate at the tequila bar or you can also choose to pamper yourself with the chocolate therapy spa -la, then soak in the outdoor tub is so poetic.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth, UK

This UK beach resort in Bournemouth has 2 chocolate-themed hotels owned by a chocolate-loving family. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel is the first hotel to open, with weekend choco-weekends, chocolate workshops, and an effort to never leave chocolate lacking. It’s no surprise that this charming but mischievous hotel is extremely popular.

The Chocolate Box Hotel in Bournemouth, UK

Inspired by the success of The Chocolate Boutique, this chocolate-loving family opens its second chocolate hotel in Bournemouth – The Chocolate Box. While the first hotel focuses on luxury and passion, The Chocolate Box is simply a place where you enjoy maximum pleasure. With children’s chocolate parties, special themed tasting rooms and unlimited chocolate buffet every Sunday, this is a great hotel and ideal for for families.

Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate in Minho, Portugal

A stay at Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate includes a free admission to the Chocolate Museum in Minho, though you probably won’t need it as the entire hotel is almost entirely chocolate-themed -la. The interior is inspired by chocolate. The menu also revolves around chocolate. The workshops also revolve around chocolate and the spa also has a chocolate treatment style called Chocotherapy. Almost everything here is related to this popular candy.

Old Chocolate Factory in Gran Canaria, Spain

Despite the name of the old chocolate factory, the chocolate theme at Old Chocolate Factory is quite light. The hotel is housed in a 19th-century factory with high ceilings and ornate iron decorations, reminiscent of a thick chocolate-scented cake rather than a bar of chocolate. coca. However, the breakfast does include a chocolate dish, and you can also easily smell the scent of cocoa in the wind as you wander through the brick courtyard.