Chocolate Knowledge: 3 popular types of chocolate

Do you know how many types of chocolate are divided into? And how to identify these? Below I would like to share some useful information to help you easily classify chocolate types.

Chocolate is divided into many types, each with different ingredients and flavor

1. Chocolate Truffle (fresh chocolate)

Speaking of fresh chocolate, the discerning world must mention Truffle first. Chocolate Truffle bars look rough but they bring a flavor that will make the whole world fall in love. When biting, soft Truffle chocolate will melt quickly in the mouth to spread the cool feeling.

Truffle chocolate is made from Ganache and on the outside, it is covered by a layer of cocoa powder or chopped nuts. The Ganache of Belgian Truffle chocolate is a blend of cream and dark chocolate scrumptious. Many countries replace this Ganache filling with cream, caramel, toffee, etc.

2. Parline chocolate

Being a more elaborate recipe than Truffle, Parline is made from nuts walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, etc. along with sugar syrup and pure cocoa powder. That’s why Parline offers a richer, more layered flavor.

Chocolate Knowledge: 3 popular types of chocolate in the world

Particularly, Belgian Praline chocolate has a completely different flavor because of its hard chocolate shell outside and filling liquid ice cream together with pure cocoa butter inside. Meanwhile, French Praline chocolate is a combination of almond and caramel sugar. America Praline chocolate contains milk and cream.

3. Marzipan Chocolate

This is a premium fresh chocolate by Marzipan chocolate. In the beginning, this type of chocolate was exclusively used to serve the nobles of England, France, and Sweden. Today, Marzipan chocolate become a luxury gift.

This type of chocolate is made from pure fresh pureed almonds with sugar. Marzipan chocolate has a special aromatic flavor and does not cause feelings of boredom.