Chocolate is proved to help improve memory

Research shows that eating chocolate regularly will help improve cognitive function of the brain. Chocolate is considered a “medicinal god” for patients with cognitive decline caused by age.

According to a survey by the University of Australia’s Recherche en Physiologie Nutritionnelle Center, if eating chocolate once a week, the brain will be “agile”, while significantly improving concentration and memory.

According to Professor George Crichton should not consume more than 25-28 grams of chocolate per day, use 1-2 times per week and should choose chocolate of good quality. However, chocolate with added sugar or preservatives is not good for the body, can affect brain function, increase cholesterol and the risk of cerebral vascular accident especially in sedentary people.

According to the researchers, regular consumption and chocolate regulation will bring the following benefits.

Improve memory about space, time and orientation

Significantly improve special memory while working (both short and long term), the ability to analyze data information faster and store information better.

Scientists have found that flavonol in chocolate increases the connections between brain cells. Chocolate consumption improves blood circulation, especially in the brain. A small amount of caffeine in chocolate helps to prevent hypertension. Cocoa contains oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid that helps control and regulates bad cholesterol (LDL) and this is what we should care about.

Chocolate helps avoid cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

In chocolate contains many flavonoïde and essential minerals like magnesium which help protect the heart and brain. Researchers at Aberdeen University in Scotland conducted a 12-year study of the health status of more than 20,000 people. One group consumed about 30-40 grams of chocolate per day, the other group did not, and the last group consumed too much. The results showed that people who use chocolate regularly with moderate amounts have good health, especially cardiovascular and brain.

In short, to have good health and memory, it is necessary to combine both balanced and reasonable diet, exercise and sports regime, although it is good for health but should not be abused. Enjoy the great benefits of chocolate but must be in moderation!