Chocolate Heaven: Interesting Facts about Belgian Chocolate (part 2)

The recipe to create premium chocolate is the recipe for each family, which is passed down from generation to generation. That is also the secret business of the major chocolate brands in Belgium.

The Belgians are also constantly looking for and creating chocolate balls with rich and novel flavors. From the popular chocolate that everyone could enjoy, to the top class that was only used as a gift to the aristocracy.

Have you ever heard of or tasted fresh chocolate? It was the Belgians who created this delicious chocolate. Fresh chocolate is the pinnacle of world chocolate thanks to its exceptional cocoa content without preservatives.

Belgium is also the birthplace of all ideas about chocolate. They created a new, delicious, hard-shell chocolate inside.

All Belgian chocolate brands focus on decoration and packaging. This makes the buyer happy to be handed and received these delicate and noble chocolate products.

To create a brand that is competitive enough and to become famous, chocolate makers have had to go through a long process of searching for recipes for their own chocolate flavor and behind each brand are very interesting story.

  • Neuhaus: In the middle of the 19th century, Jean Neuhaus, the drug maker, used chocolate to cover the pills to hide the difficult taste of the medicine. In 1912, his nephew was Jean Neuhaus Jr. took that idea and invented chocolate with a hard outer shell and inner filling. Neuhaus also devised a way to melt all the ingredients including sugar, cocoa butter and cocoa powder specifically formulated to produce the chocolate peel to keep the best taste.
  • Godiva: Born in 1926, Godiva is a famous Belgian handmade chocolate brand. With its own unique recipe, Godiva has created world-class chocolates. Godiva chocolates are housed in signature yellow boxes that are easily recognizable.
  • Guylian: A popular Belgian chocolate brand. This is a very famous shell-shaped milk chocolate, filled with praline inside.

If you have the opportunity to visit Belgium, in addition to famous tourist attractions, remember to visit the chocolate museum. Stop by the shops on the street to enjoy and choose to buy sweet chocolate bars as gifts!