Chocolate Heaven: Interesting Facts about Belgian Chocolate (part 1)

Because of its great appeal, nowadays, chocolate has become popular in every country. Belgium would like to be called a chocolate paradise. So, what makes the world’s best Belgian chocolate brand?

Not only is the food, it has become a typical culture and is the pride of Belgium. In Belgium, there are 16 chocolate museums and more than 2,000 chocolate brands, large and small. In 1635, the Belgian Chocolate Association started its activities. Each year about 700,000 tons of chocolate is produced in Belgium, of which about 80% is exported. Every year, in Brussels also organizes chocolate exhibitions. This is an opportunity to honor individuals and brands contributing to the chocolate production industry.

How does Belgian chocolate come about?

It is not wrong to say that chocolate is a product associated with Belgian history and culture for hundreds of years. More than 2,000 years ago, in the tropical forests of South America, native Mayan and Aztec people discovered cocoa trees. They also know how to mix cocoa powder with other ingredients to create a dark-colored, slightly bitter and greasy drink.

Later, Spanish explorers were credited with bringing cocoa beans and its beverage recipes back to Europe. Its unique and unique taste has made this drink extremely popular with everyone.

In the 17th century, Spain ruled Belgium and introduced chocolate to Belgium. Chocolate was originally just popular among the elite and middle class. It later became popular and everyone can enjoy the taste of chocolate.

Why is Belgium the paradise of chocolate?

There are many countries producing and developing the chocolate industry, but Belgium is still pioneering the country that creates the best chocolate bars in the world. There are many reasons to make a Belgian chocolate different.

Unlike many other countries that are mass-produced by technological processes, chocolate is meticulously handcrafted in Belgium. Each chocolate has its own unique flavor and texture. Each chocolate product is considered a unique and delicate work of art.