Belgian chocolate – the best chocolate in the world

For many Japanese who are known for their fastidious and gourmet taste, some Belgian chocolate brands are their first choice.

Godiva is one of the three most delicious and expensive chocolate brands in Belgium. The chocolate of Godiva is different from the chocolate of other brands by its unique formula. Godiva is the first choice of Japanese people who are famous for being fastidious and gourmet when coming to Europe.

Godiva’s chocolate does not have many chocolate-like designs, colors of other brands, but only when tasted can one feel the difference. From black chocolate to white chocolate or fresh chocolate, all are surprisingly good. Godiva was voted one of the 10 best chocolate in the world for many years. Chocolate Godiva is placed by its founder in recognizable yellow boxes.

Traveling across Belgium as well as many major shopping venues in Europe, Godiva and Corne and Neuhaus are always on sale in the most elegant and elegant stalls, customers are always crowded despite the chocolate prices of the merchants. This brand is twice as expensive as normal. And Brussels airport is the largest chocolate business in the world.

Some other Belgian chocolate brands are also known as Leonidas or Guylian. But according to many Belgians, there are two different types of chocolate, the type for tourists and the Belgian. Guylian sells millions of boxes every year, but mostly for tourists.

Chocolate tablets with all kinds of different designs of other brands. However, these types mainly serve tourists, the most famous chocolate brands are not too fussy about the style of chocolate tablets.

Brussels is not only famous for its many unique buildings such as the Royal Palace or Atomium but also is known as the world’s chocolate capital with 16 chocolate museums and more than 2000 chocolate shops in the city.