Awfully Chocolate prepares for a new wave of orders to coincide with Father’s Day in Singapore

Awfully Chocolate continues to make a mental move for everyone in Singapore while actively preparing for a new wave of orders coinciding with Father’s Day (Sunday, June 21) in Singapore.
This came at a time when social measures were gradually easing, allowing food and beverage facilities in Singapore to reopen their physical stores. Although there are 14 stores across Singapore, Awfully Chocolate’s strong e-commerce presence will play an important role in sales in the near future, when all activities in this island nation back to normal.

An increase in Awfully Chocolate’s online demand for cakes began earlier this year, as e-commerce sales of birthday cakes, handmade biscuits and gourmet dishes Other meals doubled during Valentine’s Day. Awfully Chocolate Founder Lyn Lee hopes to have more Father’s Day orders, spurring online delivery of Awfully Chocolate’s pastries and cakes. Online orders typically generate 10% of monthly sales during off-peak times.

In the context of digitalization emerging as an important economic driver, businesses such as Awfully Chocolate must diversify and adapt to emerging trends to sustain operations. This signals the importance of multi-channel retail solutions as a long-term business strategy.

As a result, greater investment in multi-platform digital marketing campaigns became imperative because Awfully Chocolate focused on online ordering and bakery delivery across Singapore. Awfully Chocolate is currently partnering with First Page Digital – a digital marketing unit in Singapore and has seen an increase in sales since last year. The company continues to improve its visibility and relevance in the context of delivery of highly competitive food and drink.

Awfully Chocolate’s beloved dark chocolate desserts are now available to all fans through the 24/7 online store. The cakes are delivered in AC thermo bags to ensure the quality as fresh as the oven so customers can enjoy the experience at home like the store. Those who want to buy Father’s Day gifts at the last minute can order them anytime and ship them the next day to any address across Singapore.