Month: March 2020

How to buy dark chocolate (part 7)

What Are Dark Chocolates Not Very Healthy? Brookside Dark Chocolate. This brand of Hershey is milk chocolate. Initially advertised as including fruit, but they have now changed the wording to sort of like fruit ‘flavors’.  Choceur. This brand is selective to Aldi stores. Anyway, the ‘dark’ is just 45% cocoa and is milk chocolate. Aldi

How to buy dark chocolate (part 6)

7. Boutique Chocolates Madecass (US – Madagascar) – The chocolate made at the source of cacao (in Madagascar). Includes 92% and 80% bar. Butler’s (Ireland) – with a 70% bar. Nice! Pana (Australia) – Choices of raw organic bars, inclusive of ‘Eighty’ – Cacao (at least 80%; cacao powder, cacao butter), dark agave nectar. What