Month: February 2020

How to buy dark chocolate (part 5)

7. Boutique Chocolates Whittaker’s (New Zealand) – One massive variety of flavors – up to 72% Dark Ghana as a popular selection. Camino (Canada) – A great choice is the ‘Intensely Dark’ 88%. Valore (Spain) – Include a 70% bar with extra high almond content (up to 25%). Ombar (UK) – The raw chocolatier with

How to buy dark chocolate (part 4)

Giddy Yoyo From Canada. Raw, USDA organic. One large series of dark chocolate bars as many as 100%. Scharffen Berger American chocolate company (owned by one subsidiary of Hershey). Choices of chocolate squares as well as bars (from 62% to over 80% cacao), Righteously Raw It is fair trade, organic, raw, dark chocolate (up to