Month: November 2019

Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 4)

7. It Can Improve Your Brain Function There is another good news for you to hear. It is that dark chocolate can also enhance the function of the brain. According to a research project from healthy volunteers, consuming high-flavanol cocoa for about five days helped better the flow of blood to the brain. What is

Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 3)

5. Decrease Your Risk of Heart Disease The compounds in dark chocolate can be highly protective against LDL’s oxidation. In the long run, it should cause a lower amount of cholesterol to lodge in your arteries, leading to a lower risk of your heart disease. Several long-term observational research projects indeed show quite drastic improvement.

Dark chocolate: All about its health advantages (Part 2)

3. It Could Improve Blood Flow and Lower Your Blood Pressure The flavanols in bittersweet chocolate will stimulate the lining of arteries, the endothelium, to provide NO (nitric oxide). One of the functions of NO is to send signals to the arteries to relax. That lowers the resistance to blood flow, and reduces your blood