Month: April 2019

Top 4 Most Expensive Chocolate In The World

Ministry of Le Chocolate ($ 1.5 million) You can buy a decent house with all the interior decoration with this amount of money, but who would want to buy this Le Chocolate for $ 1.5 million? This is really a luxurious and royal chocolate that you may hardly have all your life. It is designed

Why is Belgian the best chocolate in the world?

For many Japanese who are known for their fastidious and gourmet taste, some Belgian chocolate brands are their first choice. Godiva is one of the three most tasty and expensive chocolate brands in Belgium. The chocolate of Godiva is different from the chocolate of other brands by its unique formula. Godiva is the first choice

Chocolate Knowledge: 3 popular types of chocolate

Do you know how many types of chocolate are divided into? And how to identify these? Below I would like to share some useful information to help you easily classify chocolate types. Chocolate is divided into many types, each with different ingredients and flavor 1. Chocolate Truffle (fresh chocolate) Speaking of fresh chocolate, the discerning