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Bahamas Chocolate is now announcing the opening of its first retail/wholesale online storefront!  Effective with November 2013 we will be accepting orders and payments by phone and through our website as  

We are excited about the efficiency this will enable our business to operate with as well as the reduced cost of production which we can pass on to our customers. This new platform will allow us to maintain the quality and beauty of our products while decreasing the ordering and delivery time.  We are embracing this new storefront as we feel it is appropriate for today’s new economy and the trend of shopping online. 

In lieu of a traditional storefront where customers must choose from already prepared products, we are offering made-to-order confections and free consultations for custom products.  We are confident that this new approach will make our products more affordable and convenient to our customers.


If you have questions about our business model or would like to speak to someone in regards to this news please email Jenny Pierre at or call 242-676-6153.