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Why pick our products?

  • Our products have a high turnover rate.
  • You will make high profit margins for your fundraiser
  • You can partner with a local business which improves our economy.
  • No duty or shipping!

We offer two Fundraiser techniques: 

Order Now & Pay Later


Pay-Now & Pocket the Difference

This method of our fundraiser program allows you to collect orders from patrons before collecting funds.  You can put down as little as 40% on your order at the time you place the order.  We will deliver the first half of your order and the remaining balance is due at the time of your next delivery (or within 2 weeks).


This method of our fundraiser allows you to pay for your products at the time you place your order.  The best part is when you sell your products, you keep ALL the proceeds! All the cash is your profit.


So what are you waiting for to start making money for your group today?

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  • Beach Cookie Pop Case (48)


    A case of 48 candy-dipped cookies is a perfect item for resale or souvenirs.  

    *Minimum order of 5 cases*

    Contact for pricing
  • Lollycakes Case (48)


    Lollycake assortment for resellers.  

    *Minimum order of 5 cases*

    Contact for pricing
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