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Bahamas Chocolate (formerly Chocol-Art Shoppe) began as a small business venture for Jenny Pierre's love of southern baking and sweets, having grown up in the sweets and candy-making culture of southern Mississippi.  Formally trained in Biological Sciences and Education Administration she found herself so busy working there was little time for life. Wanting to find a way to have more time with her family she launched the business with a friend and almost immediately realized this was going to be a challenging adventure.

As the orders and demands of the business grew,  husband and native Bahamian Jadotte Pierre got pulled into the daily operations of the business and today it is owned and operated by the husband-and-wife team (and their little ones as taste-testers). Jadotte's experience in electrical engineering demands a high standard of quality control that maintains the consistency of our products. Bahamas Chocolate products can now be found in local retail stores and shipped to various locations in the Bahamas and the U.S. 

Located in Eastern New Providence, our production kitchen is always bustling with something creative and sweet. Some of our recipes have been handed down from family but the presentation and finishing touches are all our own.  We are always up for a new challenge and truly love what we do.  We feel that our unique products bring some of Jenny's southern roots here to the beautiful Bahamas and her passion is conveyed through the taste and presentation of our confections.



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