Baha King Cake

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Baha King Cake is a delicious, sweet yeast bread cake filled with a moist, cinnamon cream cheese center and topped with a lemony glaze.  If you've never tried New Orleans King Cake, now is your chance to find out what you've been missing. Our southern chef just couldn't resist the opportunity to introduce the traditional King Cake to the Bahamas. 

The King Cake is traditionally served at Mardi Gras and has a small plastic baby (representing the baby Jesus) or a prize hidden inside.  The person whose slice of cake contains the trinket is dubbed the "King" or "Queen" and is said to receive good luck (and is supposed to buy the cake for the next party).

Our Baha King Cake is available all year round and is excellent for Junkanoo and  Carnival themed parties, office platters, parties, and other festive occasions.  Topped with a lemon glaze and colorful sprinkled sugars, the Baha King Cake serves 16 lucky people.